Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Crochet: Heart Afghan

Finished my Heart Afghan which I mentioned in the last last crochet post....  :) :) I'm pretty sure I've set a record with finishing afghans quickly with this one which took roughly a month to finish...  I'm so happy at how this turned out!!  I used my cousin's favorite color as the main color (the Plum wine) and then picked white and a sparkly teal to contrast with it.  I fell in love with the sparkly yarn so much that I bought some blue sparkly yarn for my next project!!

One of my goals with this blanket pattern was not to have an exact pattern!  So instead I picked which yarn I wanted to alternate next, made sure I never got stuck in a repeating pattern, and randomly decided what looked best and how many rows I wanted of each color, etc.  I really like how it worked!!

Stitches: Heart Pattern: Chain, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet, Triple Crochet, and Double Triple Crochet.  Granny Square Pattern: Chain and Double Crochet. Heart Edging: Triple Crochet, Double Crochet, Single Crochet, and Chain.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Plum, Wine and White & Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn, Teal.
Gauge: Who knows?  Shiloh's Gauge-- whatever that is!!!  :) 
Hook: US J10/6.00 MM
Amount: Plum Wine: two skeins, White: two skeins, and Teal: 4 skeins

Usually Granny Square Afghans are started with a square, but I love how this heart turned out!!  Perfect for a surprise blanket for my cousin! <3

I changed the original heart pattern into a smaller heart for this blanket.  Maybe I'll post the pattern here someday when I have the chance to type it all up and remember all of my changes.  

For my edging I ended with even Triple Crochet in each hole and then a single crochet stitch between the two made them look like little hearts all around the blanket!  Finally two rows of chains made a perfect ruffly edge.

Here's looking down on the blanket.  I'm excited to give this to my cousin next month and ready to finish up my next project which is another blanket, but a rectangle one this time....  :)  I think I'll go open my new package of yarn right now!!

Happy Crocheting!!

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