Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY: Mug Gift Set

Tagging onto the Hand Painted Mug here is the perfect way to gift it to someone!

Materials needed:
~Mug-- use my tutorial to make your own!!
~Candy Cane
~Cocoa Mix
~Chocolate Covered Spoons
~Confetti-- paper shreds, sparkly stuff, etc.
~Shrink Wrap
~Gift Card (opt.)

To assemble put your confetti (or whatever are using- I used that sparkly silver stuff shown in the picture above-- not sure what it was called!) in the mug and then put everything else in...  The cocoa packages I place in the back-- was able to fit about three in with a Pete's Coffee giftcard, then the candy cane was in the middle with chocolate covered spoons in front facing upward. By the way those were pretty easy to make too!!  I just melted some chocolate chips with some shorting and vanilla extract.  Then spooned it onto the plastic spoons and dipped in crushed candy cane.  After allowing them to totally dry on parchment paper- I used plastic wrap and some curled ribbon to make them look pretty!

Finally wrapped the entire mug and it's contents in a shrink wrap bag I found at the dollar store (had to cut it to size) and ended with a curled red ribbon to match with everything else.

Ta-da!!  Perfect easy DIY gift!!

Here's another design I did-- gift wrapping it with only some sparkle shreds:

Be creative and have fun!

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