Saturday, January 16, 2016

Movie Review: Princess Cut

Yesterday, my sister Eden and I sat down and watched Princes Cut together and since I thought there were some great aspects in the movie--- there were somethings I didn't really like so here's my review! :)  If you don't like lots of spoilers then don't read it until after you've seen the movie.
**Spoiler Warning**

About the film from it's website:
"A lifelong Carolina farm girl, now in her early 20’s, Grace has dreamed all her life of the day when “Mr. Right” slips a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and swears to love her forever. Tonight may be that night as Stewart has something special planned after 15 months together! But when things don’t go as planned, and romance crashes down around her, it launches her on a quest, aided by her father, to understand what it means to truly love another person. Will Grace finally discover love or ruin her chances for happiness forever?"

Princess Cut starts out with a young woman named Grace Anderson who lives on a farm with her parents, Jim and Katherine and her brothers, Robert and Drew.  Like most girls, Grace wants to get married, but options keep passing her up.  Currently she's in a long distance dating relationship with her boy friend, Stewart.  Grace has a date planned with Stewart and he has told her that he has something special to tell her.  As Grace gets ready for her date, her mom asks her what she sees in Stewart and gives her daughter some advice about one of her previous dates that didn't work out.  Grace ends up having to drive herself to the date and finds that it's actually a college kid get together event where Stewart announces his special news which ends up being his engagement to another girl there!  Heartbroken Grace returns home and talks to her parents about how this scenario keeps happening to her.  We find out that Stewart is not the first break up she's gone through.  Grace's father suggests that God has possibly saved her from something worse.  However it doesn't take Grace long to find a new boy friend.  This time it's the sleazy guy at the coffee shop who basically goes after her until Grace finally gives him her phone number.  

Meanwhile back at home Grace's parents, Jim and Katherine are studying Scripture to discover God's will in this.  Jim finds Jeremiah 29:6 that talks about fathers giving their daughters in marriage and asks Katherine who they are going to give Grace in marriage to.

Grace's dating relationship with Jared is growing, but not in the greatest of ways.  Every time Grace sees him Jared tries to push down more barriers.  Grace feels uncomfortable and confides in her best friend, Tessa, a horrible influence, who gets Grace into a counseling session with her mom and things start to south from there.  Finally at the climax of their dating relationship Grace comes home and goes to her room where Katherine finds her crying.  Grace admits that Jared has kissed her and that he is pushing other boundaries down.  She confesses to her mom that she hasn't been honest to her and her dad about her dates with Jared.  Katherine assures her daughter that she still loves her and takes her out to confess these things to her dad as well.  Jim apologies to his daughter for not protecting her and tells her that from now on he is going to protect her.  He also tells her that she needs to spend this time preparing herself for marriage.

So Grace heads to the library and gets several books (which might have some familiar titles to homeschoolers, haha! :) ) and randomly meets Jared on the way out--- she breaks the relationship with him and heads home where she starts an adventure of reading through all her books and taking lots of notes!

During all this time a new young doctor has moved into the ranch home next door to Grace's family.  Eventually he becomes good friends with her father and starts helping out at the Anderson's farm from time to time.  After awhile he asks permission from Jim and Katherine to get to know Grace better with the possibility of marriage.  Jim and Katherine give their blessing to Clint and Jim tells Clint that as her father is going to protect Grace.  Later on Clint asks Grace if he can have deeper friendship with her and with her parent's blessing she accepts.  

Finishing up with a rather climatic scene a girl from Clint's past comes onto scene and Grace's old boy friend, Jared shows up uninvited to her family's harvest festival on their farm.  A chance meeting brings Jared and Brooke into cahoots with each other, unfortunately.  Working together they cause some trouble which thankfully gets them both thrown off the farm.  Clint suddenly leaves to take care of some things in his past leaving Grace to think that their friendship is over.... however Clint works out a surprise with Jim to ask Grace to marry him--- he gives her a "Princess Cut" ring and the rest as they say is "history".

  • I loved Grace's youngest brother, Drew.  He added some humor to the movie and as an actor did a great job.
  • I liked how Jim, Grace's father started studying and realized that it was his role to protect his daughter.
  • When Jared and Grace meet it's confusing to see her date a guy that doesn't appear to be a Christian.  
  •  When Jared wants to push down boundaries, Grace is uncomfortable with this, but eventually allows some things to slide which lead to more issues.  During this time her father has been studying about how he needs to protect his daughter, but unfortunately due to being caught up with other things on his farm he neglects this.
  • When Grace realizes the need to cut off her dating with Jared-- I think it would have been wise for her father to either call it off himself or go with his daughter.  Rather he left it up to her which wasn't very protective.
  • Tessa is a horrible influence for Grace... even though they are adults-- Grace still goes to her best friend for advice and well I think it would have been a good idea for her parents to realize who she is hanging with since Tessa's advice, well isn't great.
  • Neither Grace or Clint are perfect people.  They both have pasts which by God's grace they are able to overcome.
  • I liked the family discussions!
  • I liked how Clint wanted to protect Grace's heart though I still think there needed to be a bit more of her father's protection in the courtship--even with Clint being "the good guy".
  • As far as the filming goes it was excellent although there were some scenes which did drag a little.  There are also some actors/actresses which viewers may recognize from Return to the Hiding Place, Courageous, War Room, Polycarp, and Alone Yet Not Alone.
  • Clint and Grace's friendship would basically fall into the category of courtship.  Princess Cut in a nutshell is a story of a girl who is been through a string of dates and jilted several time.  She comments about how she feels as though her heart has been past around like a football...  Her parents catch a bit of vision for something different and encourage their daughter to focus on spending her time preparing herself and serving others while she is waiting.  Clint comes along-- they have a courtship, they get married, and have a daughter of their own.  The end!

So, while I'm not an advocate for courtship....  I'm appreciated the message of the film.  To me- I took away from it fathers protecting their daughters and liked how Jim encouraged Grace to spend her time preparing herself for marriage, working on family relationships, and serving others.

Princess Cut was an enjoyable movie, but it's not really a movie that I would watch again.  If you're looking for Christian romance flick then this movie just might be perfect for you!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Recipe: Chocolate Tofu Pie | WF or GF

This is one of my family's favorite recipes!!  We often use it for the dessert for our Passoever meal!

-10 oz. Chocolate Chips  For WF: Sunspire Barley Sweetened is great/ for GF: Chocolate Dream Semi Sweet Backing Chips.
-3 Tbsp. Honey
-1 tps. Vanilla
-20 oz. Tofu (firm set)
-Guten Free Pie Shell 

Put the tofu, honey, & vanilla into the blender.  Then melt the chocolate chips and add into blender.  Blend everything thoroughly.  Pour the mixture into the pie shell and refrigerate until hardened.
Shell and refrigerate until hardened.  Delicious!! Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! | 2 0 1 6

2015 I made it past my goal of reading 40 books and actually read 62 books, eek!  I discovered it's totally possible to be an incredibly busy person and read lots of books!  Sleeping just isn't part of the deal......  I think my latest one night was 3:00 am, but hey I finished the book that night!  Here are some short reviews on my top books of 2015.

The CageThe Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A very easy read-- biography of a young girl who amazingly by God's grace survived the holocaust. Recommended for teens to adult.

"While there is life... there is Hope"


I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindler's List SurvivorI Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindler's List Survivor by Laura Hillman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well written memoir of Shoah and what Hannelore amazingly lives through. Recommend for mature young adult and up.


 I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the HolocaustI Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust by Livia Bitton-Jackson

Easy read~ I would recommend this book to mature teens.

The story of the author growing up in the Holocaust.... written by a young girl's view point in first person. The book makes you feel apart of the family and glimpse into what their life was in several different death/work camps.


 Someone Named EvaSomeone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

A story about a little girl name Milada and renamed Eva who is taken away from her family and taken to a Lebensborn center in Poland where she will be trained to become a "proper German child" in order to bring about Hitler's Aryan race. Milada struggles to remember her true identity as the Germans try to change her into a German girl even adopting her into a high ranking German family. I didn't know about the Lebensborn centers during the Holocaust until just recently.... although a fictional story this is based on true facts and would be a good book for a younger audience to understand and read more of this horrible time period.

From the back of the book:

"“Remember who you are, Milada.” Milada’s grandmother says these words on the night the Nazi soldiers come to their home in Czechoslovakia.

But what do they mean? She is Milada, who lives with her mama and papa, her brother and sister, and her beloved Babichka. Milada with the sun-kissed hair, eleven years old, fastest runner in her school. How could she ever forget?

Then the Nazis send Milada to a Lebensborn center in Poland, and Milada quickly discovers that holding on to her true identity will be the greatest struggle of her young life."


 A Lost PearleA Lost Pearle by Georgie Sheldon

The Goodreads' description:
"Pearle, the beautiful bride, paves the way to adventure in a captivating first chapter as, with horror in her eyes, she walks down the aisle. Then her sudden disappearance wreaks havoc, and she is relentlessly pursued. Trials and tragedy often reveal one's true nature, and Pearle comes out shining as she demonstrates great courage and inner strength. She soon realizes that, out of trials that seem to crush us to the earth, we can rise throughout God's love and help into a purer and better life than we have ever known."

I love the story of Pearle! Starts out horribly, but the Lord brings out the truth in the end.

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Psalm 30:5b.

I've read this book twice and I'm sure I will re-read it again in the future!!!


 Natural Childbirth the Bradley WayNatural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

MIA Book Summary
June 30, 2015

Title: Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
Author: Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg with Peter Rosegg
Publisher: Duton

Summary of material covered by this book
This book covers a broad amount of information from "Getting Read for your Baby": methods, type of doctors, nutrition needed during pregnancy, and daily birth prep exercises to running you through different examples of birthing. Also covered are several different controversies surrounding hospital birthing. Lots of practice and exercise to prepare you for labor and birth.

What new information or insights did you gain from this book?
I really liked "The Bradley Method" for childbirth, the practice guidelines, and also having the husband as the birth coach.

What did you think of this book?
I really liked the method, but felt that it was more geared towards a hospital birth and did not put much emphasis on midwives and home births.

Would you recommend this book to others?
Clients? Yes, for the method, but for info on options I would recommend "The Birth Book".
Childbirth Class Students? Yes
Other Midwives? Yes
This book was apart of my midwifery studies.


Read my top book selections over the year.

Continuing to read into 2016 I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more books on the Holocaust, Civil War History, Midwifery, History, and so on!

What books did you read in 2015?  What were your favorites?  What books do you plan to read in 2016?

Happy New Year!