Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hey Girls, It's Not That Hard to Find Modest Swimwear

I thought I'd do a post on purchasing Modest Swimwear that's also affordable!  I'm a swim coach so I'm in the water often during the week and the chlorine certainly doesn't waste time in consuming your swim clothes!  Here are some tips that my sisters and I use to find affordable swimwear.

First, there are several great companies out there that make some lovely modest swim clothes...  Here are a few of my favorite: 
There are even options out there to make your own swimsuit!  Fresh Modesty is by far my favorite and something I'd totally like to do someday-- Summer just keeps getting away from me each year! 

For most of the modest swimwear companies we're looking at $80 plus for a swimsuit....  if that's not in your budget for a swimsuit or if you're looking to save money-- here's what I do to get a modest swimsuit that will will not break your wallet and is pretty cute too!!  

Personally, I wanted a swimsuit that didn't have a low neckline, I was ok with a tank, I wanted a skirt or shorts, and I personally prefer to have some swim pants just above the knee.  I'd totally recommend taking some time to figure out what you want!  That way you have an idea when you start to look rather then going in totally blind!

Swim Tops 

My sisters and I are always looking for tops at the Thrift Stores in the active/athletic wear area.  We usually pick up a new top or two whenever our old one starts to deteriorate from the chlorine.  You can get a decent top from the Thrift Stores anywhere from $2.50 to $9.99.  If you don't like tank there are plenty of short sleeved active wear shirts too! 

We also keep an eye at our local grocery store's clothing area... after summer the swim section goes on a huge sale! 

With lower necklines on swim tops we've found that using a colored sports bra will bring up your neckline.  Depending on the type it might also help with the shoulders and back area for extra coverage.

Swim Skirt/Boards Shorts

Tennis Skirts are my favorite to use to a swim skirt!  The fabric is already perfect for swimming and they have shorts build into them.  The Thrift Store also has a section with boards shorts which can also look pretty cute with your swimsuit!

Last time my local grocery store had a huge swim sale I bought a pair of their swim boards shorts and I love them!

Swim Pants

My pants were the most expensive part of my swimsuit!  There are other cheaper options out there... such as on Etsy, but back when I needed them I needed something right away so when I found these Rach Guard Short Pants they were exactly what I wanted.  So far, they've held up longer then some of my swim tops!

Piece everything together.....


And you have a swimsuit!  Super easy, right?

Where do you get your modest swimwear?  Have you ever made your own suit?  Share your thoughts in the comments!