Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 27th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Throughout history people have tired to extinguish the Jews. Every time they fail because God is on their side and He fights for them. Today the battle to wipe Israel off the map continues with anti Semitism cropping up again--- sneaking into the church with its fancy name "Replacement Theology", and Nations coming against her, but once against they will not succeed because God will fight for them.

This picture is what you see after going through Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Museum)-- in the midst of persecution for generations--- Israel continues to live and they have come back to the Land once again.

Today, I am remembering the 6 million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust: the children who's names I heard as I walked into the first section of Yad Vashem, the families, the single people, the elderly--- I saw their pictures, I read their names, and read their stories. I remember my relative, Bina Bornshtein, and possibly other relatives who's names I don't know. And I remember those who miraculously survived like my adopted grandparents, Michael and Sema.

There is hope
if we cry out with praise him all together
[b/c] faith is stronger than fear
[we] won't "fall", won't tremble
b/c we are not alone
we have the one G-d
(Benny Friedman)

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Anti-Semitism in the Church Today

Some thoughts I wrote on anti-semitism a little over a year ago...  still true for today.


Recently due to some friends recommending a documentary online, I wasted some time and watched it-- "Marching to Zion" and then wasted some more time watching clips from "Did the Holocaust Really Happen" which was made by the same group. I came away from them totally shocked and disgusted with the anti-semitism expressed and spoken in the documentaries I can't believe that someone could speak so nonchalantly about the Shoah as if gas chambers and bodies being burned was a trip to the grocery store and being loaded into cattle cars and having to shave their heads was just a normal everyday occurrence. Calling the stories of survivors lies and the nation of Israel a fraud and then blaming Christians who believe that Israel is still God's chosen people for the muslim's hatred of America... I don't even know what words to use.

I am saddened to see how Replacement theology has crept into the church today and also to see Christians embracing anti-semitic lies. When I read the writings of the early church fathers it's no wonder that they (the Jews) wouldn't come over to "our side" ("Christianity"). No wonder my unsaved Jewish friends are confused today about who Christians really are.... We have Hitler who quoted from Martin Luther and was influenced by his book "The Jews and Their Lies". Then we have Natzis who burned down synagogues full of people all while singing Christian hymns (Did I mention that Luther wrote about how synagogues needed to be burned?). Many people believe that the anti-semitism found in works by early church leaders (not just Luther-- many of the others as well: Calvin, Jerome, Augustine of Hippo, etc.) paved the way for the Holocaust.

During the time of the Reformation Jews who come to faith in the Lord were ordered to break all ties with their people and publicly renounce all customs.... feasts of the Hebrews..... prayers... Sabbaths.... etc. Basically publicly confess that they were renouncing their Jewishess.

But it has never been an issue of the Jews coming over to "our side". It's the story of Ruth - Jew and Gentile becoming one in the Messiah. We've been grafted in with His chosen people. God never turned His back on Israel and yes even though they are blind right now to knowing that He is their Messiah God will open their eyes. His promises and His covenant with Jacob still stand today.

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