I'm Shiloh....

First and foremost, I'm a Christian saved by the grace of God through faith given the precious gift of eternal life!  I enjoy reading, writing, studying midwifery, playing harp, dancing, farming, and baking!  I live with my family of nine on several beautifully wooded acres in a valley where a creek runs through.  I love going down to the creek or dreaming about hiking the cliff we back up to...  many years some of my siblings and I managed to hike down it in a matter of seconds--not many people can say they've survived falling down a cliff without any major injuries....

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As far as music goes...  since everyone always asks me...  I've played piano since I was 6 and teach today (yes I do, Skype lessons!).  I've been playing harp for four years and even though it's heavy to tote around-- it's a beautiful instrument and I'm so Thankful my parents gave me the opportunity to learn it!!  I play with my siblings in our group, One Accord and also for weddings and other events.  :)

All of my recipes here will either be Wheat Free or Gluten Free.  I started eating WF about 6 years ago when my mother and a friend's mother decided they needed to get my friend and I allergy tested.  Note, if your mom ever does that to you....  beware if she's right - which moms always are- your entire life as you know it at the dinner table will change.  Of course my mother was right and I got back a paperwork of foods I was supposed to stay away from.  My friend's mother thought this was great!  This would enable my friend and I to work together and encourage one another in everything gluten free oh and egg free and dairy free....  basically food free.  After awhile I started adding things back in-- and today I've continued to live in the Wheat Free World where everything is beautiful and free from wheat...  I discovered the world of changing wheaty recipes to either WF or GF.  That's actually where most of my recipes come from!  A few years ago I started a website called Free From Wheat, but due to web issues I lost the entire site...  so Country Harpist is now considered the home of FFW where I'll continue to share recipes as well as many other things! :)  Oh, and all my recipes are also Kosher, cause bacon....  yeah.

And a Little Bit of Everything in Between
Welcome to Country Harpist!

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